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This is a complete front-end installation. Meaning power users should be able to handle getting this up and running. For the developers among us, I'm sure you can take the ideas behind this and package them up into a nice back-end solution/wsp to take the power out of the power users' hands :).

  • Step 1: Create a new blank site
  • Step 2: Create a new list(s)
  • Step 2: Upload files
  • Step 3: Book time slots!

Create a new blank site:

When the schedule.aspx loads, it looks for any custom lists that you've created. So it works best if you create a new "blank site" (which includes no lists).

Create a new list:

This is the template you must use for this to work. The following columns must be in place. For best results, make one list, save it as a list template (with content), and duplicate to allow users to book appointments with multiple teachers all at once.

  • List Name: [Teacher Name]
  • List Description: [Contact details of teacher]
  • List Columns:
    • Title (Single line of text *required)
    • Block Start (Date & Time)
    • Block End (Date & Time)
    • Status (Choice - Open/Closed)

Populate the list with a bunch of open slots. You'll notice in the screenshot below that the default title is "None" and the Status is set to "Open". Each item is unique, so you can choose which time slots to use for this booking (they are in 15 minute increments in this example).

Upload Files

Upload all SP Scheduling Assistant files into a document or wiki page library of your choice. Then click on "schedule.aspx" and you're ready to go!

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