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Developed by @bentedder (website)

Depends on:

  • SharePoint 2010 (OOTB)
  • SPServices 0.7.1a
  • jQuery Mobile 1.1.0
  • jQuery 1.7.2

This is a solution (drag-and-drop installation) I've been working on for a few months that enables parents to login and reserve time slots with teachers (think Parent-Teacher conferences). Keep in mind, this does not implement any kind of calendaring. I think we're all quite familiar with areas in which SharePoint is lacking. Thus, I have avoided using calendars at all in this. If you want to book appointments using calendars, I'd suggest Outlook :).

Consider also, this does not have to be for teacher-parent booking only. I can imagine using this to book venues, laptop carts, really anything and everything that has time slots available. It might not take the place of things like Outlook, but it's an interesting way to use SharePoint for some of it.

Screenshots (for installation instructions, click here)

On the home screen, a parent will see a list of teachers


After selecting one (or multiple) teachers and clicking "Go", they will be presented with the schedule of those teachers. Any unavailable slots will be grayed out.


To reserve a time slot, the user clicks on the list item and is prompted for the student's name. This is an additional step to further clarify who the appointment is for (if your parents and children are not "linked" in SharePoint).


Upon entering a name and clicking ok, you get a confirmation message and a confirmation email (if you've setup a workflow on the list).


To see your entire schedule click "My Schedule"


If you would like to change your reservation, click "delete reservation" and go back to "Select Teachers" to select a new time slot.

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